Our Products
We see ourselves as a service business with paper packaging products and believe the principle of long term relationship and development. We value partnership with our customers and determined to meet our commitments. We have passion in paper and will put in place the necessary resources to support this objectives. Speed, precision, quality driven, price competitiveness and on time delivery are also our aims.

Star Paper produces a wide range of grammages, and demand comes from all sectors including lightweight, medium- and heavy-duty applications. Test linerboard grades feature consistency and meet accurate standards with international color/shade suitable for both domestic and export market requirements. Our corrugating medium grades feature stacking strength and impact protection performance for corrugated boxes. With its unrelenting commitment to quality, Star paper values its creation from start to finish making sure that it produces only the finest products. We are proud to introduce for you our line of products :

Corrugating Medium 90 gsm - 150 gsm
Recycled Kraft 70 gsm - 80 gsm
Laminated Wrapping Kraft 70 gsm

To service and optimize, we are also equipped with auto wrapping, auto sheeting, and guillotine machine, capable to produce cut size paper should you need this requirement.

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